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Lace Front Wigs

Most store bought wigs are made by machine or largely made by machine, but hand finished. When a wig is hand made, a pattern of your own head has to be taken and from this, a foundation is made. There are different weights and colours of bases available, but the best is a strong, yet sheer lace, which when lightly stretched against the skin, becomes almost invisible.

A lace fronted wig, will usually be custom made and individual human hairs will be painstakingly knotted in to the tiny holes in the lace, creating a natural looking head of hair. The main advantage to a lace-fronted wig is it enables the wearer to have a natural looking hairline. It is also possible to have any style you may desire and lace wigs tend to be significantly lighter, cooler, better fitting and more comfortable than store wigs.

Information about wigs, extensions and other cosmetic options for ladies with hair loss

I would say that 9/10 actors, actresses, models, etc who are wearing additional hair in magazines, on stage or on film, will be wearing lace front wigs or hair pieces.

It is possible to buy lace fronted wigs in stores around the world and I have to say, these bare no resemblance to the type favoured by celebrities. Your average celeb will have paid to use to finest wigmaker, who will have sourced finest European hair, used their expertise to make the foundation fit perfectly, knotted this hair in, in such a way, it looks and acts like real hair and will have chosen lace, which matches that persons’ skin colouring. The wig will then be styled by and maintained by an expert (wig dresser) and the lace replaced as soon as it becomes worn. In real life, the only way, to replicate this look is to have a lace fronted piece made for you – Ladies who have bought ‘off the peg’ lace fronts are usually very disappointed

For Theatre/dancers, the lace is usually left an inch from the hairline, to support the wig, improve fit and help it to last longer in heavy use. Make-up is applied to blend in any areas, which may show. For film/TV (and in real life) it is necessary to cut more of the lace back so it cannot be seen up close, but a fringe (bangs) also helps conceal any lace.

Wigs that have ‘lace fronts’ often require re-fronting. The wig itself (if not bonded) should last for many years if well looked after, but may require a new front every 6mths – 12mths if worn every day. I regularly work on wigs which are older than I am and still look like new because of the care they receive.

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How Can I Cope With the Effects of Alopecia?

Living with hair loss can be hard, especially in a culture that views hair as a sign of youth and good health. Even so, most people with alopecia areata are well-adjusted, contented people living full lives.

The key to coping is valuing yourself for who you are, not for how much hair you have or don’t have. Many people learning to cope with alopecia universalis find it helpful to talk with other people who are dealing with the same problems. More than four million people nationwide have this disease at some point in their lives, so you are not alone. We have a number of women who live with alopecia universalis on a daily basis in our Online Community who can help through message boards and support groups. You can also find others with the disease, the National Alopecia Areata Foundation (NAAF) can help through its pen pal program, message boards, annual conference, and support groups that meet in various locations nationwide.

Wigs and hair extensions are available to help achieve a full head of hair even when you have lost all your hairAnother way to cope with the disease is to minimize its effects on your appearance. If you have total hair loss, a wig or hairpiece can look natural and stylish. For small patches of hair loss, a hair-colored powder, cream, or crayon applied to the scalp can make hair loss less obvious by eliminating the contrast between the hair and the scalp. Skillfully applied eyebrow pencil can mask missing eyebrows.

For women, attractive scarves can hide patchy hair loss; jewelry and clothing can distract attention from patchy hair; and proper makeup can camouflage the effects of lost facial hair. If you would like to learn more about camouflaging the cosmetic aspects of alopecia universalis, visit our online forum for information about your cosmetic options.