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How will androgenetic alopecia affect my life?

The comforting news is that androgenetic alopecia is not a painful disease and does not make people feel sick physically. It is not contagious, and people who have the disease are generally healthy otherwise. It does not reduce life expectancy and it should not interfere with the ability to achieve such life goals as going to school, working, marrying, raising a family, playing sports, and exercising.

The emotional aspects of living with hair loss, however, can be challenging. Many people cope by learning as much as they can about the disease; speaking with others who are facing the same problem; and, if necessary, seeking counseling to help build a positive self-image. HerHairLossHelp.com offers a wonderful Online Community of women who suffer from alopecia and other hair loss afflictions that can help women who suffer from hair loss cope with their everyday activities. Having a community of women, who are all going through various stages of hair loss, offers other women an empathetic person to turn to when dealing with emotional difficulties because of their hair loss. Visit the HerHairLossHelp.com Forum to learn more!

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  1. Laura Vanallen says:


    I have been diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia after a scalp biospy confirmed my suspicions that I was suffering from hair loss.

    As a woman, the thought of losing my hair has put me in a place beyond despair. I am deeply depressed over the reality that I am losing my hair. I have always felt my hair was part of my attractiveness and feminity, and now I feel less of a woman, and less attractive. This is extremely disturbing to me and I need the support and help of others who are suffering with this. I feel so alone and scared. I need to know how you all cope with this and how to get through this. I was given a prescription of finasteride. Has anyone been using it? Does it work? Help me through this….

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